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Gyrocopters and helicopters are very charming and interesting rotorcraft, furthermore they are capable of different and specific manoeuvring and uses if compared with fix wing aircrafts. Both, gyro and helicopter, receive the lift they need for flying from their rotating wing. This common characteristic [the rotor] makes it difficult for many people to see the difference between them being their appearance pretty similar for the laity. This confusion between the two kinds of rotorcrafts has been enhanced by the reduced spread of gyroplanes compared to helicopters.

In gyrocopters there is no power transmission to the rotor during flight, it is easy to see this: gyrocopters do not have anti-torque devices as tail rotor to balance main power-driven rotor torque. Lift is given by autorotation granted by the air flowing up through the blades. This condition is allowed by the degree of liberty of movement of the rotor head – and so of the rotor disc – along lateral axis; talking of our ORION, this excursion is from 0° (horizontally) to 18° towards the rear of the gyrocoper. This laying allows the correct passing through of the airflow in all allowed flight condition within gyrocopter's flight envelope. 

The M-24 ORION is a fully enclosed, side-by-side two seat, dual control model specially designed for those who do not want to go without comfort, even when having fun in cold winterdays. The external lines of the fuselage are perfectly within the frame. This design, with its inside arrangement and the quality of the materials chosen for the windscreen and side windows, offers an excellent panoramic field of vision.

The cabin layout reflects the company policy and its precise choices: the use of valuable materials and elegant chromatic combinations are just examples of the meticulous care in developing each feature. The black instrument panel gives a dynamic contrast of color. It increases the perception of inner space and grants a perfect backdrop to the fitted equipment and instruments which are easily readable. Two baggage compartments, one "hidden" under the right seat, the other outside on the left side of the fuselage, carries all of your equipment even for a long trip.

The first M24 "ORION" finally arrived in Turkey and the first roll-out @ LTAF took place on 22.09.2012.



Aircraft Details


UL (Ultralight)

Empty weight   285 kg
MTOW   450 kg
Rotor Diameter   8,23 / 8,53 m
Length   4,40 m
Hight   2,76 m
Width   1,80 m
Engine, 4-cylinder, 4-stoke   Rotax 914 UL
HP   115 Hp
Fuel Capacity   82 ltr.
Fuel Consumption   17 l/h
Range Km.   750 km
Range hrs.   5 hrs.
Minimum Speed (Vmin)   25 km
Optimum Speed  (Vopt)   150 km
Max. Speed (Vmax)   170 km
Take-off distance   70 m
Landing distance   0 - 30 m
Ceiling   3.500 m





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