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The TEXAN is a two seat ultra-light plane. As a true three-axis low wing aircraft it has been designed to get maximum performance when compared to the more traditional aircraft designs. With it's high aerodynamic efficiency the TEXAN is a master at short take-off and landing runs, rapid climbs and fast cruises with modest fuel consumptions. A unique feature of the TEXAN design is the elevated level of flight comfort for the pilot and passenger alike. With excellent views, extra cabin space and the very low noise level inside the cockpit, occupants can now enjoy comforts usually found only in commercial aircraft.

Flysysthesis' engineers have designed the TEXAN to give the owner a durable and low maintenance plane for the entire life of the aircraft. When it comes to crash, safely the TEXAN has a re-enforced fiber structure ensuring the strongest possible fuselage. The windshield also has a roll-over protection bar further increasing occupant safety.

The entire fuselage is integrally constructed in carbon fibers and honeycomb. Five rims further strengthen the self-supporting structure. The roof of the cockpit is completely free and is closed by a plexi-glass canopy which is operated by sliding back and forth. The ELA version is also available with retractable landing gear.




Aircraft Details



Empty weight   295 kg 320 kg
MTOW   450 kg 600 kg
Wing Span   8,60 m 8,60 m
Length   6,90 m 6,99 m
Hight   2,40 m 2,40 m
Engine, 4-cylinder, 4-stoke   Rotax 912ULS/iS Rotax 912ULS/iS
HP   100 HP 100 HP
Fuel Capacity   100 ltr. 100 ltr.
Fuel Consumption   18,5 l/h 18,5 l/h
Range Km.   1.100 km 1.200 km
Range hrs.   5,5 hrs. 5,5 hrs.
Minimum Speed (Vmin)   64 km 78 km
Optimum Speed  (Vopt)   200 km 210 km
Max. Speed (Vmax)   240 km 250 km
Ceiling   4.000 m 4.000 m






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