We are proud to welcome you to the world of "FLYSYNTHESIS"




Designed with the ambition to be among the best performing aircraft, visually attractive, safe and technologically advanced on the market today. This is thanks to 25 years long Flysynthesis' experience and tradition.

The design of the SYNCRO preferred not only the highest levels of the aesthetic form, but also the cockpit ergonomics. In fact, this consists of a single element with  no sharp corners where the pilot and passenger are integrated into the cockpit as they were an extension of it.

The aerodynamics of the fuselage is the most you can now imagine applied to a light airplane. Built entirely of carbon fiber  offers light weight and strength at the highest levels. The SYNCRO, thanks to clever use of composite materials, has a load factor of +5 and -3 G at standard flight envelope and breaking values close to +10 and -6 G.


Aircraft Details


Empty weight 289 kg 305 kg
MTOW 450 kg 472,5 kg
Wing Span 10,40 m 10,40 m
Length 6,75 m 6,75 m
Hight 2,26 m 2,26 m
Engine, 4-cylinder, 4-stoke Rotax 912ULS/iS Rotax 912ULS/iS
HP 100 HP 100 HP
Fuel Capacity 100 ltr. 100 ltr.
Fuel Consumption 18,5 l/h 18,5 l/h
Range Km. 1.250 km 1.200 km
Range hrs. 5,5 hrs. 5,5 hrs.
Minimum Speed (Vmin) 64 km 73 km
Optimum Speed  (Vopt) 230 km 220 km
Max. Speed (Vmax) 295 km 272 km
Ceiling 4.000 m 4.000 m






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