*    New SI's for ROTAX Engines:

SI-PAC-013: Parts and Accessories /  SI-916 i-005 / SI-915 i-010 / SI-912 i-026 / SI-912-033 /SI-914-036: Optional oil system parts / SI-915 i-007: Maintenance task add-on for engine suspension frame assembly for ROTAX Engines 916 iSc B, 915 i A/B, 912 i, 912 and 914


*    New SB's for ROTAX Engines:

SB-912-074 / SB-914-056 / SB-2ST-004: Exchange of Carb. Floats

*    New SI's for ROTAX Engines:

SI-PAC-006: Air filter, SI-PAC 015: 24 Volt Starter Assy, SI-PAC-018: Oil Tank Assy

*    COVID-19 Information:

We inform you that, despite the current circumstances related to the corona virus, our activity is maintained and the conditions for processing orders do not change in any case: As before, our stock is indicated in real time and orders are being processed immediately.

*    ROTAX Line Maintenance Manual 912 Series:

The new LMM for 912 Series has been published


*    New SB for 912 and 914 Engines:

The new SB 912-073-UL / SB 914-055-UL (circlip replacement) is available to download from

*    ROTAX Warranty Conditions:

In order to keep the ROTAX warranty alive, all engine maintenance has to be performed by technicians with valid L/M and/or H/M certificate. Non-conformance results in expiring of ROTAX  warranty.



*    ROTAX 915 iSc:

ROTAX receives the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) Type Certificate for it's new 915iSc3 aircraft engine. Not only has the certification been archieved within the promised time schedule but the engine has been certified to even higher power than originally announced. Instead of 100 KW (136 hp) ROTAX will offer 104 KW (141 hp) maximum power and 99 KW (135 hp) maximum continuous power. The increased power is available up to at least 15.000 ft, making the ROTAX 915 iSc3 engine the perfect package for all fixed wings, gyrocopter and further applications. It will also offer the possibility to carry up to 4 persons already in single engine applications. Based on the proven concept of the ROTAX 912 / 914 engine series, ROTAX is again offering the best power-to-weight ratio of it's class, combined with the best economy while allowing for a hight flexibility on the usable fuels. It delivers the most advanced aircraft engine technolocy resulting in low operation cost and ease of use.