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The CATALINA is a fully composite amphibian aircraft, constructed especially as a low-cost fun aircraft for short sightseeing trips from the beach. The ROTAX 582 engine with 65 hp gives sufficient power for a short take-off run, even from water.

Beautiful visibility through the open cockpit, very much enjoyable round trips for tourist from the beach. Fuel capacity for 2,5 hrs. of flight.

The entire frame and wings are made from composites and the metal structure is made from aviation grade metal - seawater resistant. The hydraulic gear is suitable for landings on hard surface.

The folding wing option safes space in your hangar and is easy to trailer without disassembling!



Aircraft Details



Empty weight   292 kg
MTOW   450 kg
Wing Span   9,47 m
Length   6,28 m
Hight   2,49 m
Engine, 4-cylinder, 4-stoke   Rotax 582
HP   65 HP
Fuel Capacity   50 ltr.
Fuel Consumption   18 l/h
Range Km.   350 km
Range hrs.   2,5 hrs.
Minimum Speed (Vmin)   60 km
Optimum Speed  (Vopt)   125 km
Max. Speed (Vmax)   150 km
Ceiling   3.000 m






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